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Roma II. – Expulsion Of Gypsies Nowadays the Gypsie (Roma) population is approxiamately 15–30 million people. 10 million of them both Christians and Muslim live in Europe. It is considered, that the ancestors of the Roma population should belong to the Bandsar tribe in north-west India, who began their migration toward Europe thousand years ago. France has closed down illegal Roma camps and sent their inhabitants home for years. Last year 10.000 Gypsies were sent back to Romania and Bulgaria, the goverment says. The goverment says it will dismantle 300 illegal camps and squat in France. French president Nicolas Sarkozy called an emergency ministerial meeting, at which it was decided that illegal camps and squats would be dismantled within three months. A statement from the president’s office said the camps were ’source of illegal trafficking, of profoundly shocking living standards, of exploitation of children for begging, of prostitution and crime’. Dozens of camps have since been shut down. Those found to be living illegaly in France are being sent home. The move is part of a raft of new hardline security meausures recently announced by the government. Main topics of my completed photo series contain getting acquainted with the Roma communities and their daily life trough women, children, family by documentary and portrays photographs in France, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro.

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