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Biography – Zoltán Molnár photographer

Once upon a time, somewhere, this side of the Glass Mountain, a young man set forth to discover the past of his family with his parents. They went to Transylvania.

It might have happened that time, it might not have, but it is a fact: his soul open to curiosity about people, about other worlds. He wished not only to experience, but to present it as well. Soon he found the appropriate means, the camera and at the same time the inner knowledge that taking a photograph is only an element − not necessarily the most important − of the story which started long before the moment of exposure. He also knew that becoming a real voyager requires the inclination to give over his experiences not only by presenting the visible peculiarity, but by sharing the experience. It is never enough to arrive at the places defined by geographical coordinates, because one also has to proceed on the inner journey. A photographer has to be part of a situation to dissolve borders between the photographer and the photographed through representation of people with deep empathy. And this photographer has taken his simple photographs to tell us about the people and their universe represented in simple sentences. His pictures reveal not only the presented world and people, but himself as well. He shares his questions and thoughts with the viewers.

The secret of his photographs is his personality, his openness, ability of complete attention towards others, his humble love, respect for others, eagerness to learn and curiosity. Thus his pictures are as if they were taken by the laws of nature in the presence of Zoltán Molnár.

There, in the forests of light.

Gabriella Csizek


  • 2014 The Competition of the 19th Esztergom Photography Biennial, Award of Biennial, Esztergom, Hungary
  • 2012 National Cultural Found of Hungary, Photography Grant, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2010 André Kertész Photography Grant, Paris, France
  • 2010 Újbuda Council Grant, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2008 The Instituto Sacatar of Itaparica, Salvador, Brazil, Sacatar Fellowship
  • 2004 Hungart, Photography Grant, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2004 Hungarian Journalism Award, Portrait Category, Third Place
  • 2002 Hungarian Cultural of Hungry, Photography Grant, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2002 Biennal Festival of Photography, Esztergom, Panorama competition, Special price
  • 2002 Hungarian Photo Journalism Award, Documentary Photography Category, Second place
  • 2001 „@rc” Bilboard Competition, AD for Nonprofit Organization Winner
  • 1998 – 2000 Pécsi József Photography Scholarship
  • 1993 Escher Károly Fellowship, Budapest, Hungary

Professional Experience

  • 2013 Art Teacher, Fine Art Grammer School, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2012 – 2009 Minimum Party Art Camp, Workshop, Kászon, Romania
  • 2010 – 2007 Photographer, Art University in Kaposvár
  • 2008 Modos de Ver de Photographia, Workshop, Brazil, Salvador
  • 2006 – 2004 Art Teacher, Fine Art Grammer School, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2003 – 2001 Art Teacher, Buda Drawing High School, Hungary


  • 1998 – 1993 Hungarian University of Crafts and Design, Chair of Visual Communication Department of Photo
  • 1993 – 1989 Fine Art Grammer School, Budapest, Hungary

Photos In public collections

  • 2010 Hungarian Museum of Photography, Kecskemét, Hungary
  • 2003 Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, Hungary

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